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Teacher Grant Awards for 2009

The Jackson Educational Foundation provides grants to improve the academic achievement of students in the Jackson Township Public School District.  The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter.  The work should improve students’ habits of inquiry, self-directed learning and critical reflection.  These grants enable forward-thinking teachers to apply for special projects funding that might not be typically budgeted by the district. Grant funds may be sued for resource materials, supplies, equipment or software. 

The JEF Teacher Grant Subcommittee received fifteen Grant Applications for the 2009/2010 academic year. Thanks to the Committee for their work in reviewing the applications and selecting the recipients. Six $500 Grants were awarded for the projects listed below.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2010/2011 Academic Year, with a deadline date of March 15, 2010. Please click on "Contact Us" for further information.

2009 Teacher Grant Award Recipients

Marybeth Beichert

Carl W. Goetz Middle School

Eighth Grade Literacy Teacher

"Dinner And A Novel to Bring Parents and Students Together For An Evening Book Talk"


Regina Karaba

Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School

First Grade Teacher

"Parent Partner Program – Early Literacy Program"


Cathy McQuade

Elms Elementary

Reading Teacher

"A Parent Book Study: Recognizing and supporting your child in Comprehension Development using Seven Key Strategies"


Pat Novak

McAuliffe Middle School

Physical Education Teacher

"Mile Club"


Carol Shilan

Lucy Holman School

Third Grade Classroom Teacher

"Around the World with Flat Stanley"

Caroline S. White, 5th Grade Teacher

Kathy Abline, 4th Grade Teacher

"Johnson School Drama Club"

Congratulations to all our Recipients.
Watch for Updates as their Grant Programs Develop!

Mini-Grant Awards for 2008

The JEF Mini-Grant sub-committee received thirteen Grant Applications for the 2008/2009 school year. Thanks to our Mini-Grant Subcommittee for their work in reviewing the applications and selecting the recipients.
Five $500 Mini-Grants were awarded for the following projects

§          Horticultural Program - Lori Van Riper and Ann Hopko- Liberty High School- This grant will provide an opportunity for a Horticultural program that will allow students of various academic abilities to develop tangible skills for observing, measuring and problem solving, regarding plant growth and development.

§         Reading Across the Genres - Candace Preston- McAuliffe Middle School-The project will allow the teacher to expose students to a variety of novels and more non-fiction reading.  The books will stimulate students to read a variety of genres, and in addition, will provide high interest books for teenage boys, specifically non-fiction, of which there does not seem to be many available here.

§         Project F.I.N.E. (Fine Arts Initiates New Levels of Education)-Karen Farrell- Johnson Elementary School -The educational objective of Project F.I.N.E. is to increase academic achievement for the entire school population  through a more creative approach.  Project F.I.N.E. would promote every individuals “unique way of learning” and would explore the relationship between the arts and cognition.  A progressive yet cost effective way to add the arts to our curriculum are “Reader’s Theatre” program with the use of puppets and various visual props.

§         C.A.R.E.S. (cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self control)-Sharon Alkalay- Holman Elementary School -The goal of this program is to promote an appreciation for literacy and enhance literacy skills through the production of a play.  During the planning stage and rehearsals, the teacher hopes to increase all components of C.A.R.E.S. as well as promote fluency, expression, comprehension, written expression, active listening and develop an appreciation for Fine Arts.

§         Parent Partner Program- Regina Karaba- Rosenauer Elementary School - The main objective is to enhance the quality of children’s literacy interactions with family members and simultaneously increase family involvement at school.  Research suggests that an appropriate method to bridge home and school is by involving parents and family members.  The success of a literacy program, to a certain extent, depends on literacy environment at home.  The objective of the Parent Program is to improve fluency and comprehension skills among first grade students by working with parents to reinforce reading strategies in the home environment.


Mini-Grants Awarded for 2007


The JEF Mini-Grant sub-committee received ten Grant Applications by the May 4, 2007 deadline and has reported that three $500 Mini-Grants were awarded for the following projects:



*    Footnote KeyboardMr. Jason Diaz
 Vocal Music Teacher

*    Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School
Ms. Jennifer Rice, Grade 5 Literacy and Social Studies
Ms. Ellen McPolin, Grade 5 Math and Science

*     Painted Lady Butterflies in the Classroom
Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School
Ms. Tracy Meabe, Ms. Pat Sauicjie, Ms. Gina  D’Alessio, Ms. Helenmae Bilder, Ms. Michelle Glucksnis,
Ms. Jenna Ostroman, Third Grade Teachers



The Foundation will once again present Mini-Grants

for 2008/2009 Academic Year.


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Applications and Deadline Dates!



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